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Randall Orthodontics wants to help you smile with confidence! Our orthodontist Idaho Falls office uses the latest technology in orthodontics to ensure your time in treatment is a memorable, positive experience. 

Advanced Technology

Dr. Randall has been using the amazing technology provided by the Damon System for over a decade. Our office has a lot of experience in using these self-litigating braces to make your smile healthy in this easier way! The Damon System makes the process a positive experience for all patients.

Using the Damon System, you can avoid the stereotypes of braces as being painful and time-consuming. Many patients have found their time in braces is shorter AND they have fewer visits in between. By utilizing brackets and wires that move with your teeth instead of against them, you have aligning methods that individually suit your mouth!


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Thanks to the latest orthodontic technology, braces aren’t as obtrusive and unbecoming as in the past. With advanced equipment and the expertise of our staff, we offer many braces options for people of all ages, including:

Dr. Randall Treats Children, Teenagers, And Adults!

Whether you want to ensure your child can have the healthiest smile as they grow, or you want to adjust some of the problems your mouth has dealt with, Dr. Randall can help make you a beautiful smile.


Every child’s smile is unique, but we want to make sure they are healthy as well. When your child’s secondaries start coming in depends on many factors, but it’s recommended that children have their first orthodontic evaluation at age seven.

Checking a child for orthodontic needs before their secondaries set in gives them a better chance for properly positioned teeth and a correctly formed jaw. Screenings can be what detect potential issues early on so they can be addressed before they become an issue. We’ll work in conjunction with your child’s dentist to determine the best course of action.


The most common time for treatment is between the ages of 11 and 13. For young people, it can be important to have orthodontic care starting young and continuing into adolescence. With our options here at Randall Orthodontics in Idaho Falls, teens don’t have to go through the additional concern of visible and painful braces! We utilize clear aligners, and even in our high-quality Damon System, you have the option of clear brackets as it quickly aligns your smile.


Approximately 20% of individuals receiving orthodontic treatments are over the age of 18! With our new technology of self-ligating braces and the options of ceramic or clear braces, braces don’t have to be a long or obvious process.

We know that you want to keep your dental health your business, so we strive to give you the best experience that will fit your schedule and achieve your goals. Our doctors are here to make sure you get the life-changing smile you’ve always wanted with the short time and painless process you’re looking for.

Best Orthodontist in Idaho Falls!

We like to think of ourselves as perfectionists, and only the absolute best orthodontic care will do for our patients. An Eastern Idaho native, Dr. Randall is committed to making our community smile more confidently. As a professional orthodontist since 2001, Dr. Randall has helped thousands of people get the smile of their dreams!

Dr. Randall and our friendly staff genuinely care about you as our patient and want to make sure that you get the perfect treatment from our office. We settle for nothing less than the best to make sure you have a great experience and an amazing smile.

As a member of the Idaho Falls community, we strive for friendly customer service and excellent treatment! We’re your neighbors in Southeastern Idaho, and treating all our patients with fairness and respect comes first and foremost in our philosophy here at Randall Orthodontics.

Jared Randall of Randall Orthodontics

Dr. Jared Randall

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