5 Foods that Help Keep Your Teeth Clean

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Brushing and flossing are still required, but what if eating could help your teeth be cleaner and whiter? Some foods can help keep your teeth clean, giving you the gorgeous smile you want. Fruits, vegetables, greens, and even milk can help keep your teeth cleaner, stronger, and overall healthier, especially when you enjoy them regularly. 


As you munch on carrots, they help to scrub the plaque away. They also help make you salivate more, which can help naturally keep your teeth cleaner. As a bonus, if you suffer from gingivitis or are looking for ways to prevent it, carrots are a great option. B vitamins, common in carrots, help to fight gingivitis. When it comes to carrots, if you’re looking for as many benefits as possible, raw carrots are the better choice. 


The high fiber content of apples, like with carrots, can help clean your teeth as you eat. Apples in general are acidic, and that can help as well. The acidity helps to kill bacteria that could be growing in your mouth and causing bad breath. When you eat apples, it is a good idea to leave the peel on, as this has a lot of the fiber in it that will help keep your teeth healthy. 

Kale and Other Greens

Another option high in fiber, greens like Kale can help scrub away plaque while you munch. A fantastic substitute for lettuce, they also include calcium and B vitamins, both of which can help strengthen teeth as well as treat or prevent gingivitis. Try a sandwich with shredded kale and carrots for a fantastic lunch that will help keep your teeth cleaner and healthier. 

Raw Onions

Onions aren’t going to give you better breath, but if you’re looking for healthier teeth, they’re a great option. Onions include sulfur compounds, which are antibacterial. This means they can help kill some of the harmful bacteria in your mouth. It is important to make sure the onions are raw if you’re looking for this benefit, as cooking the onions removes a lot of the sulfur compounds. 


Most people have heard that milk is good for strong bones. Calcium can help create stronger teeth, as well. Plus, it’s not just milk, so you can get these benefits even if you don’t drink milk often. Other dairy products high in calcium include yogurt and cheese. Enjoying these dairy products regularly can help keep your teeth as strong as possible, so you suffer fewer dental-related issues

All of these foods are perfect if you’re ready to have healthier teeth and want to protect your teeth from damage. When it comes to foods like carrots and apples, eating them with regular braces can be difficult. With clear aligners like Spark Aligners, this isn’t a problem at all. You can enjoy all of the foods you love, including the ones mentioned here, and have healthier, stronger teeth. Start adding these foods to your diet if you don’t already enjoy them regularly to see what a difference they can make with your smile. 

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