5 Things No One Tells You About Braces

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Everyone knows that getting braces is an event that changes your teeth and your life for the better. However, there are some things that for some reason, people don’t bring up when you are talking about getting braces. Yes, most people will tell you how uncomfortable they are at first and that it might take some time to get used to talking and even eating like you used to, but there’s more to getting braces than just that.

Continue reading to learn more about what they don’t tell you about getting braces in Idaho Falls and how you can prepare yourself for when the situations do (and they will) come up. 

Braces Are a Lifelong Commitment

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Before you go running out of your Idaho Falls orthodontist office thinking that you’ll have to wear your braces for eternity, let us explain. While braces themselves only need to be worn anywhere from 18 months to 3 years (this very rarely happens anymore), after your teeth are in their proper positions your orthodontist will have you wear either a permanent and/or removable retainer. Retainers are designed to keep your teeth in the positions they were moved to. Many people will wear their retainers for a couple of years and then stop. This is not how you keep your smile looking its best. While every case is different, you can expect to need a retainer to keep your teeth happy and healthy for life. Now, if a removable retainer seems like too much work, talk to your orthodontist in Idaho Falls about getting discreet permanent retainers so you don’t even need to worry about putting your retainer in every night. 

A small price to pay for a perfect smile.

Braces Won’t Make You Look Weird

Despite thousands of people being fitted for braces every year, people still seem to think that getting braces is going to make you look weird. Well allow us to be the first to tell you, braces don’t make you look weird at all, different maybe, but after a while, you and other people get used to how your face looks with braces. In fact, if it’s been a while since people have seen you they may not even notice that you have braces. 

If you’re still on the fence about wearing braces because you think they will make you look weird, another option that many people choose is Invisalign. These clear trays make it so that a person has to be standing right next to you to even tell you have something on your teeth. Discuss your Invisalign options with your Idaho Falls orthodontist today.

Your Diet Will Probably Change 

Gone are the days of chewing on gum or biting right into an apple or corn on the cob. When you wear braces, eating foods you used to love can be tricky, however, it’s important to note that this won’t last forever. Plus, getting braces means that you probably won’t be chowing down on things like chewy, sticky candy, or anything else that can get stuck in your braces. For the most part, this is a good thing for both your teeth and your health. In addition to avoiding chewy, hard, and sticky foods, you’ll probably want to remove colored beverages like dark sodas from your diet while you wear braces to avoid staining your teeth. If you’re ever unsure what you should and shouldn’t be eating with braces, your orthodontist can help you to decide or check out this resource for more information on what foods to avoid while wearing braces.

Your Oral Hygiene Routine Will Take Longer

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Hopefully, before you are fitted for braces you have a solid dental hygiene routine in place which includes brushing and flossing your teeth, twice daily. Having this foundational routine will help you once you get braces because your routine is about to be a little bit longer. Now we aren’t saying that brushing and flossing your teeth is going to take an hour, but getting used to brushing and flossing around the brackets and wires will take some time, especially at first. Set aside at least 15 minutes in the morning and in the evening to make sure that your teeth and braces are sparkling!

Another thing many people don’t realize about braces is that you will need to routinely check your braces after each meal and snack to make sure that there are no wayward chunks of food hanging out. With this in mind, make sure to always pack a mini orthodontic bag so that you can pop into a restroom after lunch with friends to get out anything that may be stuck between the wires or brackets of your braces. Not only will this save you from embarrassment but it will also ensure that your teeth have the best chance against getting cavities. 

Time Flies When You’re Wearing Braces

Before getting braces, the idea of having to wear those metal brackets for 18 or more months can seem daunting. However, if you ask anyone that’s ever worn braces, most of them can barely remember what it was like wearing them because time flies by! Seriously, don’t let the fear of having braces on for a certain period of time keep you from wearing braces to straighten your smile. Before you know it, your braces will be off and you’ll be fitted for your retainer.

If you’re ready to learn more about how braces can help you get the smile you have always wanted, contact Randall Orthodontics in Idaho Falls today. We can’t wait to see you smile with confidence. 

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