Debunking Common Myths About Clear Aligners

clear aligners

Having a perfect smile is something that most people dream about. It can be tricky when it comes to picking the right orthodontic treatment. We want to help you understand clear aligners and see if they will work for you? Clear aligners are a fantastic alternative to traditional braces, especially for those who don’t want the look of metal in their mouth but want to have straight teeth. While they have been in use for several years now, there are still a lot of myths floating around about them. Read the following to learn the truth about clear aligners. 

Myth: They’re More Expensive to Use

When it comes to the options, the majority of the time is because cost for braces. This may have been the case when invisalign aligners were first introduced to the market, but now they are more recognized as legitimate treatment. A lot of people believe that clear trays or Spark Clear Aligners are more expensive to use, but this isn’t the case. The price, in general, is comparable to braces. They also may not require as frequent visits to the orthodontist to have the fit checked or adjustments made, so they can be less expensive. Those who are concerned with the cost can speak with their orthodontist to find out how the cost compares to traditional braces. 

Myth: Dental Insurance Won’t Cover the Cost

Are you wondering whether or not your insurance would could the clear aligners? Those who have dental insurance should contact their insurance provider to see if invisible aligners are covered. Most will be surprised to find out that these are covered, just like braces would be. Since the invisible trays are designed to help correct teeth problems and aren’t strictly for cosmetic purposes, they are often covered under dental insurance. A lot of time your custom treatment plan will depict how much it costs for your smile transformation. Even if the cost is not covered, they can be less expensive than traditional braces, so opting for clear aligners can help the user save money. 

Myth: They’re Slower Than Traditional Braces

What do you think the time frame is for clear aligners to start working? Clear aligners can be faster than traditional braces. In fact, with the aligners, it’s possible to have a straighter smile in a year. This is normally is about half the time traditional braces would take. Those who wear the Spark Aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours per day will find their progress is as quick as possible and faster than the progress would be with traditional braces. The only time you would really need to take your clear aligners out is when you’re going to eat, brush your teeth, or clean them. It is necessary to follow all of the instructions from the dentist to start seeing results in the shortest time possible. 

Myth: They’ll Stain and Look Bad

If you decide to go with the clear aligners, we know that you may be wanting to conceal the fact that you have braces. There is concern when it comes to them staining. Since they’re clear, it’s easy to see why people believe that invisible aligners are going to stain and become far more visible. However, this isn’t the case. The aligners are replaced with the next one frequently, so there isn’t really enough time for them to become stained. Plus, they can be soaked and brushed at night, helping to keep them clean until it’s time to get the next one. Proper care will ensure they remain invisible, so there’s no worry about them being easy to detect. 

Myth: They’re More for Teenagers

You shouldn’t believe that this treatment process is only for teenagers. Invisible trays aren’t just for teenagers who want to avoid a mouth full of metal. They’re for adults, as well. Many adults are opting for Spark Clear Aligners instead of traditional braces so they can get the straight teeth they want without worrying about changing their look. There are ages when Spark Aligners. Clear trays are not, however, recommended for those who are younger and whose teeth are still aligning on their own. There is no need to worry about this, just visit with your orthodontist for a custom treatment plan.

Myth: They’ll Cause a Lisp

This myth appeared because of how many people have a lisp when they initially get clear aligners. With the clear trays being new, it’s not uncommon for the user to talk with a lisp for a day or two. This isn’t just for clear aligners, it’s for traditional braces as well. Whenever you add and take up space ofin your mouth, your mouth needs time to adjust to the news atmosphere. However, as soon as they get used to it being in their mouth, that lisp will disappear and they’ll be able to talk like normal again. Those who are worried about this may want to pick a time to get them done when they won’t need to speak at work or professionally for at least the first few days. 

Myth: They’re Not as Effective

This is a big myth, and it’s hard to know where it came from. Invisible aligners are just as effective as traditional braces when it comes to the teeth straightening process. On top of this, clear aligners like the Sparks Aligners have additional benefits that aren’t offered by braces, such as better oral hygiene. Since the invisible trays can be removed to eat, brush, and floss, it’s easy to keep up with proper dental care while using them. 

If you’ve been considering straightening your teeth, there’s no need to shy away from invisible aligners. Knowing the truth behind the myths can help you determine if Sparks Clear Aligners are a good option for you, as you can see what some of the benefits are over traditional braces. If you have any questions or concerns about them, your dental provider will be happy to answer them for you and take the time to explain how these could help you get a straighter smile.

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