Family Orthodontics with Randall Orthodontics

Oral Health From Your Orthodontist

Randall Orthodontics, where we craft enduring smiles for generations. Dr. Randall’s commitment to family values sets the stage for an orthodontic experience that transcends treatment—it’s a journey we embark on together.

The Importance of Family Orthodontics

Comprehensive Care for All Ages

At Randall Orthodontics, we prioritize personalized orthodontic care for every family member. From the first baby teeth to the golden years, our comprehensive approach ensures that every smile receives the attention it deserves. This commitment not only enhances aesthetics but also promotes lasting oral health, creating a foundation for a lifetime of confident smiles.

Clear Aligners

Setting a Positive Example

Dr. Randall’s family values deeply influence our practice culture. This influence fosters a positive and supportive environment where families actively engage in the orthodontic journey. Our team believes that a supportive atmosphere contributes to the overall success of treatment, creating a space where patients feel not just cared for but also inspired.

Tailored Orthodontic Solutions for Every Family Member

Early Orthodontic Intervention

Recognizing the significance of early intervention, we actively address orthodontic issues during childhood. Early treatment not only prevents potential complications but also contributes to the overall well-being of your child. Our tailored solutions guide the proper development of your child’s smile, ensuring a solid foundation for oral health.

Family Orthodontics

Teen Orthodontics

Teenagers, in particular, face unique orthodontic challenges. We actively navigate these challenges by offering a range of treatments tailored to their lifestyle and preferences. From traditional braces to discreet options like clear braces (Spark Aligners), our goal is to provide effective solutions that fit seamlessly into their active lives.

Adult Orthodontics

The pursuit of a confident smile is ageless. Our adult orthodontic options seamlessly integrate into your busy life, offering choices such as traditional braces, clear braces (Spark Aligners), and advanced options like the Damon System and Self-Ligating braces. We actively believe that orthodontic care should be as individual as you are.

The Randall Orthodontics Experience

Family-Focused Atmosphere

Step into our office, where a family-focused atmosphere actively welcomes every member. This environment is crafted to ensure that every family member, from the littlest to the wisest, feels comfortable and cared for. Your journey with Randall Orthodontics is more than a treatment—it’s a shared experience that reinforces our commitment to your family’s well-being.

Flexible Scheduling for Busy Families

Understanding the demands of family life, we actively offer flexible appointment scheduling. This flexibility ensures that orthodontic care becomes an integral and manageable part of your family’s routine. Our team actively works to accommodate your schedule, recognizing that each family member deserves personalized attention.

Maintaining Oral Health

In addition to advanced orthodontic care, we actively prioritize the ongoing oral health of your entire family. Consider these steps to maintain optimal oral health during orthodontic treatment:

  • Effective Oral Hygiene Practices: Thorough brushing and flossing are crucial during orthodontic treatment. Our team actively guides you on proper techniques and provides tools for maintaining excellent oral hygiene.

Oral Health From Your Orthodontist
  • Nutritional Guidance: We provide nutritional guidance to support healthy smiles, advising on foods that promote strong teeth and gums.

  • Family Support: Encourage a supportive family environment. Positive reinforcement from family members actively plays a vital role in maintaining good oral health habits. Share experiences and celebrate achievements together.

Exploring Orthodontic Treatment Options

Orthodontic treatment has evolved, offering diverse options to meet the unique needs and preferences of each patient. Randall Orthodontics proudly offers:

  • Clear Braces (Spark Aligners): For those seeking a discreet alternative, Spark Aligners provide the effectiveness of braces without visibility.

  • Self-Ligating Braces (Damon System): Different from traditional braces, self-ligating braces are known for their efficiency, and reduced friction, resulting in potentially shorter treatment times.


At Randall Orthodontics, we actively create beautiful smiles and lasting relationships with families in Idaho Falls. Schedule a consultation and embark on a journey to smiles that last for generations. Because at Randall Orthodontics, your family is our family.

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