How to Help Prepare Your Child for Braces

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Doing something you’ve never done before, whether it be learning how to ride a bike, going to a new school, or getting braces can seem like a scary endeavor, especially if you’re a child. In order to comfort your child and ease any fears they may or may not have about getting braces and taking care of them, it’s essential as a parent or guardian that you assist them during every step of the process conjointly with their Blackfoot orthodontist.

The following guide is designed to help parents in preparing their children for braces and to make the overall treatment process a positive experience. If you’re considering getting braces for your child or any other member of your family, contact Randall Orthodontics in Blackfoot today. We will schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with you to discuss what are the best orthodontic treatment options for you and your needs.

Find an Orthodontist You Can Trust

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One of the biggest decisions you can make for your child as a parent is choosing medical and dental personnel that you can trust and that you’re comfortable with. Since you can expect to be seeing your child’s orthodontist every six weeks for the next 18-36 months, you’ll want to choose a Blackfoot orthodontics office that both you and your child like. This is the first stepping stone in making braces a positive experience, rather than a negative one. This may mean calling around and getting references for the best orthodontist in Blackfoot and scheduling consultations with each one before settling on the right one. Once you have made the decision to get braces with a particular orthodontist, you’ll want to start laying the groundwork for your child in order to get them on board with getting fitted for braces.

Discuss Orthodontic Treatment Options With Your Child

While some kids may even be excited to get braces (which they should be), it’s still important to talk to your child about what treatment options are available. This discussion is best done with your orthodontist, as he or she can help to direct you toward which treatment options, such as Damon Braces, are suitable and effective for your child’s dental needs. In addition to discussing the orthodontic treatment, allow your child to ask as many questions as they need to help them understand what braces are for and why they need them. If you’re not sure on the answer to their question, call your Blackfoot orthodontist or you may be able to find the answer online!

You can also make this a  more interactive experience by researching the treatment options that are available as well as, shopping for your child’s favorite soft foods or looking up recipes that are recommended to be eaten while wearing braces with your child.

Let Them Know What To Expect

One of the biggest worries expressed by both children and adults alike when it comes to getting braces put on, is whether or not it will hurt. Put your child at ease by explaining that getting braces put on will not hurt, but it may feel weird and a little uncomfortable for a couple of weeks after they are first put on.  In addition to explaining to your child that braces won’t hurt, it’s a good idea to explain the process of getting fitted for braces. Your Blackfoot orthodontist can aid you in explaining the exact procedure. Generally, what will happen when your child is fitted for traditional, ceramic or Damon braces, is that brackets will be bonded to each of their teeth and then a wire is put through each bracket in order to connect the brackets on the teeth. At this point, they can also choose to have different colored o-rings fitted over the top if they wish and can change the colors at each subsequent appointment. This first appointment can take up to an hour, so make sure your child is prepared to sit that long in the dental chair. Additionally, explain to your child that about every six weeks they can expect to have their wires tightened in order to give them a straight and beautiful smile. If your child does experience some pain, discuss what pain-relief options are available with your orthodontist.

Let Them Know What’s Expected of Them

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Braces are an investment that help to create beautiful smiles by straightening crooked teeth, closing gaps between teeth and aligning the bite. However, if the teeth are not properly taken care while wearing braces, this can lead to a different type of issue, mainly cavities, periodontal disease (gum disease), and tooth staining. Some children, even teenagers, need to be reminded to brush their teeth every day. Just like we take care of our teeth without braces, it’s crucial as a parent that you emphasize the important role your child plays in designing a dazzling smile.

Along with discussing what your child can expect when it’s time for him or her to get braces, another important discussion topic is what is expected of your child. During this discussion, you’ll want to explain why taking proper care of their teeth (as outlined by their Blackfoot orthodontist) is key to creating a million-watt smile. Similarly, taking care of their braces by cleaning around them and using wax or wearing mouth-guards if they play sports, is imperative in keeping their braces intact and able to do the job of straightening your child’s smile.

Be Supportive & Positive

The most important thing you can do for your child during this whole process is to be supportive and encouraging! If you had braces as a child or if you have any family or friends that did, show them pictures so they know they aren’t alone. You can even show them pictures of celebrities that have had braces! On the day they get their braces put on, make it a celebration as small or large as they would like. Take a “before” picture and have their favorite (braces friendly) food ready for them when they get home.

There may be some days when they don’t want to wear their braces any longer, on these days it’s your job to be supportive and positive and remind them of all the amazing benefits that are happening because of their braces.

To discuss orthodontic treatment option for your child, call Randall Orthodontics in Blackfoot today. We want to help your child smile with confidence!

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