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We have been an orthodontics provider for over 12 years in Idaho Falls. Through our time, we’ve become well-versed in exactly how we can help you. We know and love the area and those that we serve, and we have a lot of services to offer you. Each individualized treatment plan shows just how well we can serve you.

Our Unique Approach to Personalized Orthodontics

We offer a variety of services, but we cater them individually to you. If you need anything from clear braces to jaw treatment, we can help. Many of our clients stay with us for all of their dental needs, and we’ve been happy to see both them and our company grow over the years.

The Kinds of Dental Services We Offer

We help everyone with any type of orthodontic work. Most often, we work with patients who need orthodontics in:

  • Braces

  • Jaw alignment

  • Tooth spacing

  • Tooth removal

There is a variety of work each person might need, especially as we age and change.


We know that going to the dentist can be scary, especially when you’re a kid going for the first time. We make sure our amazing staff give everyone a positive experience here, meeting orthodontic needs while being incredibly friendly and caring.

Some services younger children need focus around their adult teeth starting to come in. This can change up their beautiful smile, and we work to keep or correct to their best smile early on with:

  • Addressing cavities and explaining good oral hygiene

  • Helping remove teeth that block or prevent adult teeth coming in

  • Checking over jaw malformations or injuries to make sure it can keep growing right

  • Assessing the need for and starting the process of braces, keeping teeth straight and in place when they’d rather come in twisted or tight together

We also address everything from tooth and gum pain to extra teeth that may be scaring or hurting your child. We’re always here to help!


The most common treatment time for young people is between ages 11 to 13, and this is also the most popular time to start treatment with braces. Although working with nice people, it can be difficult for teenagers to feel like the dentist is a nice situation, and having as non-invasive and easy processes as possible makes the whole family, yours and ours, stress-free and happy.

We use the revolutionary Damon System for braces so that:

  • the braces are clearer and less noticeable than ever before.

  • the braces can move and slide, not away from or around your teeth, but along the track they’re connected to, meaning less painful, self-ligating braces.

  • the braces take less time to work, looking more professional in less time.

Removing the concern of doctors’ and orthodontists’ appointments, of noticeable and painful braces, and of seemingly endless treatment, teens have a much better orthodontic experience.

Teens can sometimes need the same care as a child, like realigning a painful jaw, removing a stubborn baby tooth, and getting information, but they have additional needs like dealing with wisdom teeth, cavities on permanent a tooth, and teeth grinding. We are also able to talk you through what your teen is going through and get set up a treatment plan for these changes.


Orthodontic treatments for adults can be scary! Many adults think that they are past the point of help or that the same painful processes are happening years after their treatment as a child. Others are just embarrassed to need help – but you shouldn’t be embarrassed about your smile! You should want to have a healthy one.

Surprisingly, one-fifth of all orthodontic treatments are done for people over the age of 18. A large number of adults have had or are currently receiving orthodontics, and that includes people in Idaho Falls and around you. We have several adults visit our office for a treatment plan, and we’ve been happy to help them achieve their smile goals.

Even If You Haven’t Been Seen In A While,

Adults who haven’t been examined in a while may find that a past injury or grinding in their sleep has caused a jaw misalignment. This can cause a host of issues, but especially can cause pain, and we can help with this.

Adults are also able to use our Damon System braces and clear aligners to have an easier and less obvious process. Our business specializes in making sure you have your perfect smile for life by using these tools and technology. If you need

  • Invisible braces

  • Jaw examinations

  • or Tooth health assessment

with the best orthodontist in the area, we can schedule an appointment to start your orthodontic care.

Come Stop By!

We’re grateful to be able to have our office in the Idaho Falls area and to see you. We aim to help with all patients’ needs and concerns while giving them real orthodontics care. Our friendly staff are perfect to work with your whole family at any age, and we can adjust to fit your schedule.

Treatments We Offer

The Spark Aligner System

Clear aligners being put on top teeth.

Want to straighten your teeth without the use of braces? We offer invisible aligners, giving our patients both an aesthetic and effective option for aligning their teeth.

First, we take a small mold of the upper and lower teeth which will be used to fabricate custom aligners that fit your smile perfectly, from tooth to tooth. Dental specialists prescribe our patients anywhere from 13-22 weeks worth of these aligners, each one slightly different depending on their purpose. These aligners work by placing gentle pressure on the teeth over time to move them into proper alignment. The use of these clear trays is safe and effective for both teenagers and adults.

Our Spark aligners are created with TruGEN™, a clear aligner material that’s comfortable, effective, and stains less than other leading aligner brands.

This product provides a lot of customer satisfaction, for good reason—getting braces isn’t your only option, you have more options when it comes to creating a beautiful smile.

Benefits of the Spark Aligner System include:

Easier brushing and flossing—just remove the aligner and you’re good to go!

No cleaning around wires as you would with regular braces.

No worrying about the types of food you eat and whether it will get uncomfortably stuck in your braces.

The Damon System

One of the most compelling reasons to choose Damon braces over traditional methods is that they work faster. Unlike with other types, you can get your teeth in good repair much quicker—which will make it easier for patients who need quick results.

Not only do these self-ligating types offer even stronger protection from tooth decay and gum disease, but when compared against conventional styles like metal wire models, their production time also tends be much shorter.

How The Damon System Works

With three key components that deliver faster treatment, greater comfort, and fewer appointments to our patients using the Damon System, Randall Orthodontics in Idaho Falls is able to provide quality results for each patient.

The three components include:

The Self Ligating System – Damon braces are a passive self-ligating system. This means that they eliminate the need for elastic or metal ties, allowing you to get full treatment without any tightening.

Shape Memory Wires – The shape memory wires used in this system are incredibly advanced and require much less time to adjust than traditional braces.

Facial Aesthetics – To change the shape of your smile, you are also changing how people will perceive and interact with that facial feature. Damon braces provide a proven treatment approach in which teeth alignment is enhanced to make for an attractive face without extractions or rapid palatal expanders.

Damien Braces Come in Metal or Clear Braces

A consultation with your orthodontist is required before choosing which option of Damon braces you’d like. The metal and clear versions have both their advantages, so make sure to discuss it with us during a free consultation! Also, be sure to check with your insurance provider to see if Damon braces are covered in your policy.

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