If You Need Braces In Idaho Falls, Go To The Orthodontist With The Spark System!

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If you are unhappy with your smile, there is a lot you can do to fix it! When it comes to getting your teeth straighter and the correct bite, your orthodontist in Idaho Falls will be able to provide you with a smile you love. Technology in orthodontics has offered orthodontists and patients several different kinds of treatments for problems with teeth. This means that for many patients, they will have a choice to make between possible treatments, and that is a good thing! If patients need braces, there are traditional braces with wires that do a great job, but in recent years many patients have been able to use clear plastic aligners with fantastic results! Our orthodontics office in Idaho Falls is proud to offer our patients the Spark Clear Aligners System!

Why Spark Aligners Are A Great Choice For Your Smile

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Not all people who need orthodontic work can use Spark Aligners. There are some patients who may need a headgear or metal braces and appliances to change bites or to rotate certain teeth. Other people who have bridgework are not going to be able to use Spark Aligners either. However, most people will be able to access the benefits of the Spark Aligner System, including patients with:

  • Crowding
  • Crossbite
  • Open Bite
  • Overbite
  • Spacing
  • Underbite
  • Deep Bite

Crowding is the result of not enough space in the mouth or jaw for all of the teeth. When this happens, some teeth might overlap each other or rotate to fit. Depending on the severity, Spark Aligners can treat crowding.

Crossbite is a type of malocclusion where the upper teeth, one or several, fit inside (or behind) the lower teeth. Spark Aligners can be used to treat crossbite depending on your Idaho Falls orthodontists’ determination of your case.

Open bite is used to describe patients whose front lower and upper teeth angle outward enough that they do not meet when the jaw is closed. Spark Aligners can be used to treat open bite cases.

Overbite is when the upper teeth protrude outwards further than the bottom teeth. Sometimes it is referred to as “buck teeth”. Some cases of overbite can be successfully treated with Spark Aligners.

Spacing in orthodontics is the opposite of crowding. There is plenty of room in your mouth for the teeth, and so there may be spaces or “gaps” between the teeth. Spark Aligners can correct spacing problems beautifully.

Underbite refers to patients whose lower teeth are forward from the upper teeth when the jaw is closed. Some cases of underbite can be successfully treated with Spark Aligners.

Deep bite is similar to overbite, but the overlap may be more excessive when the jaw is closed. Sometimes it is called closed bite as well. Spark Aligners can be used to treat deep bites.

The only way to determine if you can use Spark Aligners to fix and beautify your smile is to visit your orthodontist in Idaho Falls for a consultation. This visit will entail an examination, possibly x-rays of your teeth and jaw, a diagnosis, and a consultation about what treatments are necessary and if Spark Clear Aligners are appropriate for your situation.  

 More Reasons To Choose Spark Clear Aligners

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If your Idaho Falls orthodontist determines that Spark Clear Aligners are an option for you, there are several compelling reasons to choose the clear plastic aligner route. These can be simplified to :

  • Looks
  • Comfort
  • Technology
  • Ease of Use
  • Cost

In terms of aesthetics, most people would agree that clear aligners “look” better. Most of the time they are not noticeable at all. Someone would really have to be focusing on your teeth to notice when you are wearing your clear aligners. They are specifically made for each client’s specific mouth, so they closely envelop your teeth in the aligner. Spark clear aligners are extra clear, visually more clear than the leading competitors’ aligners. They are made from the newest material in clear aligner innovation, called TruGen. This material is optically clearer, and stains less than other aligners, so they look great for longer. TruGen also keeps up it’s force retention on the teeth for longer than other clear aligner brands, so your teeth may move faster with Spark.  

Comfort is important to patients as well. Patients will be wearing each set of aligners for up to 22 hours a day, so they need to be comfortable. They are! Unlike traditional metal braces, you won’t get sore spots in your mouth from tissue rubbing on metal, and your teeth won’t be sore from getting wires changed or tightened. When you move into a new set of aligners, the discomfort is extremely minimal, if any. The edges of the aligners are smooth and polished, and will not cut into your gums at all. Once you get used to wearing them, you will barely feel them at all.  

The TruGen technology ensures the precision fit of each pair of Spark Clear Aligners. The aligners made of TruGen ensure a light, but consistent force is used to move the teeth every day, but imperceptibly. Each new tray change will gradually increase movement, and the patient knows when the treatment will end. Patients will not have to visit the orthodontist’s office nearly as much as patients with traditional braces, which is also nice.  

Spark Clear aligners are so easy to use! You just wear each set of trays up to 22 hours a day. You take them out only to eat, drink, and brush your teeth. You clean them by using your own toothbrush and toothpaste, no special tools or cleaners necessary. You can drink water with them in. You progress through each set of trays according to the schedule the Idaho Falls orthodontist prescribes, and visit the orthodontist to get new aligners. So easy to care for, easy to keep your teeth extra clean during treatment, easy to floss teeth, it’s the best choice for ease of use!

The cost for Spark Clear Aligners is comparable to traditional braces. Some insurance companies may cover some of the Spark System cost. The cost may change due to each patient’s cases due to the duration of the treatment. At our Idaho Falls orthodontics office, we do offer a variety of in-house financing plans. We offer discounts for cash payments in full, and we accept many insurance plans. If you can afford traditional braces, you can afford Spark Clear Aligners. We can help you find a way to the beautiful smile you want with the help of Spark Aligners. Randall Orthodontics office in Idaho Falls is proud to offer the spark Clear Aligner system. We are so pleased with their results, they are the only clear aligner system we use. We believe that if you choose the Spark Aligner System, you will love the results, and you won’t mind the process!  

Call us today to learn more about getting fitted with Spark Aligners today!

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