Life After Braces: What To Expect Once Your Braces Are Removed

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The day has finally come! Your braces are coming off, your teeth will now be free and brushing and flossing will be a whole lot easier. And the best part? You’ll have the smile you’ve been waiting for, but this doesn’t mean the work is over. After braces have been taken off, there is a small adjustment period for many people as well as, on-going orthodontic care, such as a retainer and checkups with your orthodontist and dentist. This article discusses what you to expect once your braces are off, along with how you can make sure that your smile never fades.

In order to have and keep the best smile, you need to schedule an appointment with the best orthodontist in Idaho Falls, Randall Orthodontics. Call us today if you or a family member has been recommended to get orthodontic treatment. We can help determine what the best Idaho Falls orthodontic plan will be for you to get a straight, beautiful smile as fast as possible.

Your Braces Are Off, Now What?

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It doesn’t matter the length of time that someone has worn their braces, everyone with braces looks forward to the day they come off. As previously mentioned, there will be some noticeable differences in the look and feel of your teeth. Additionally, brushing and flossing are so much easier after braces! Now you won’t have to worry about using special brushes or floss to get in between your brackets and under the wires. However, there are some things you’ll also notice once you get your braces off that may surprise you, these include:

  • Eating will feel different – Many of the best orthodontic offices in Idaho Falls will recommend that while you wear braces you avoid certain foods. Once your braces have been removed, these foods are free game again. Biting into an apple, corn on the cob or enjoying the occasional handful of crunchy chips will seem new and exciting once your braces are gone. 
  • Your teeth are sensitive  – For 18 months or longer, your teeth and mouth have been under constant tension to move them into the correct position. Once your braces are off, not only is this tension removed but the brackets that covered your teeth will make your teeth feel more exposed. It’s not uncommon for people to have sensitive teeth for a little while after having their braces removed. With this in mind, take time before eating crunchy or chewy foods that you avoided while wearing braces.
  • Calluses – To better accommodate your braces and to keep the inside of your mouth protected, you’ll notice that you may have formed calluses on the inside of your lips. These will go away over time, but it might seem strange at first. 
  • Discoloration – Unfortenualy, even if you’ve taken proper care of your teeth and gums while wearing braces, you might notice some discoloration of your teeth and even some calcification or calcium deposits on your teeth. All of this can be taken care of in time. The best Idaho Falls orthodontist will usually offer some form of professional teeth whitening at their orthodontic office to fix this particular issue. Since your teeth will be more sensitive right after the removal of your braces, it’s best to wait at least a month or two before getting a whitening treatment. 
  • Your smile will look different – While this may seem obvious, it’s often a shock for people how straight and different their smile looks once braces are off. Remember, not only do braces help to straighten teeth, but they also work to align the jaw, which can change how you smile and the shape of your smile. 

Retainers and Follow Up Orthodontic Treatment

Even though you will no longer have to wear braces, your Idaho Falls orthodontist will recommend that for best results you wear a retainer. Retainers are orthodontic tools that keep your teeth from moving out of alignment, thus keeping your smile straight and beautiful for years to come. Retainers are essentially an insurance plan for life after braces. 

There are a couple of different types of retainers that your orthodontist may recommend and often people will get both after their braces are removed. The retainers orthodontists use are either removable or fixed. 

  • Fixed Retainers – Fixed retainers are bonded to the backsides of the teeth so that they are virtually invisible. This type of retainer is most often used for bottom teeth. Even though a fixed retainer is bonded to the teeth, this is usually not a permanent fixture and can be removed within a few months to a few years by your orthodontist. 
  • Removable Retainers – After your braces are removed, Randall Orthodontics will have you fitted for a removable retainer in your choice of color. Removable retainers are used for the top teeth and typically only need to be worn at night. However, your orthodontist may recommend a specific treatment plan to keep your teeth aligned. 

Taking care of your retainer is relatively simple, just as it were an extension of your mouth use your toothbrush and a fluoride rinse to keep your retainer clean.

Protect Your Investment

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Now that your braces are off, you will want to do the most to take care of your new “pearly whites.”One of the smartest things to do is to schedule a dental cleaning about a week after your braces are removed. At your cleaning, a dental hygienist will be able to get to any areas between the teeth or gums that may have been harder for you to reach (and clean) when you had your braces on.

Make sure to keep your regular twice a year checkups with your dentist, as well as your orthodontist as needed to maintain that beautiful smile that you have worked so hard to achieve.

Smile With Confidence

Randall Orthodontics wants the best results for all of our patients. Call us today for a free consultation where we’ll discuss any orthodontic treatment options and what the best course of action is for you. As the best orthodontic office in Idaho Falls, we want to help you smile with confidence!




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